New Plans – Have your Say

We plan to replace the pavilion at the Hethersett Memorial Playing Field by providing:

  • a meeting/recreation room, which can be hired out separately, with an adjacent kitchen
  • up to date changing rooms, which can be safely used by all ages and genders using the MPF
  • external facilities including toilets, covered seating and a water fountain storage, both internal and external

To ensure that this project can be completed the Parish Council may need to approach the Public Works Loan Board (PWLB) for a long-term loan at a very low rate of interest. This will only be as a last resort and we will only borrow what we need. If the PC does have to go to the PWLB the money will have to be paid back from future council tax. To show that the PC can repay any loan, we have had to put an amount of money in this year’s precept. If it is not used for this project, then it will be used to pay for normal Parish expenditure.

The Parish Council has got as far as having plans drawn up, but before we go any further, we would like to learn your views. Could you please look at the plans, make any comments and answer the questions on the survey?

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2 thoughts on “New Plans – Have your Say”

  1. The plans for this large extension to the existing build has not considered the effect on the neighbouring properties in the slightest.
    1. It will block views of the park for many neighbours.
    2. The noise pollution level from the park will increase dramatically with parties, functions and drunkeness throughout the day and evening.
    3. There has been an ongoing battle to stop youths congregating at the park in particular throughout the summer. The sound systems blaring from cars till late at night and youths drunk behaviour, has had a detrimental affect on the wellbeing/health of the neighbours.

    My parents and neighbours along the stretch where the views over look the park, have had their peace ruined for many years because of the activity in the evenings from the carpark area.
    I find this proposal insensitive, impractical and unwelcome by all those that will be drastically affected.

    Have you actually consulted ALL the residence to ask their feelings on this proposal and taken note?

  2. I am extremely annoyed that the much larger pavilion needs to use the existing footpath at the back of my property for storage, and the footpath diverted to the front of the new building. Blocking the footpath means I will be unable to maintain my fence.

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