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Please have a good look around the site, and read the exciting plans for the Pavilion. We’d love to hear your feedback, so please leave your comments below.

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  1. Hi. My son and daughter both love the memorial playing field but the facilities are not great. The proposed pavilion looks great and would encourage more use of the facilities. It could be a great central point for the village.

  2. My daughter plays football at the memorial ground for HAFC and the facilities could really do with improvement. The plans for changing rooms for girls and women is much needed as are plans to extend the car parking and the communal spaces.

  3. An exciting project that can really help the village and provide a real community hub and encourage sport within the town. These are much needed to help the sports clubs thrive and survive.

  4. A much needed investment and one that will significantly improve the playing conditions and facilities for the towns aspiring teams.

  5. Being a kit and equipment supplier for the Village for the Sports clubs, this facility is well overdue, the village is expanding at a rpaid rate yet the facilities currently do not support the growth.
    Personally i have been involved in Football for over 30 years, and have many contacts who just dont like coming to Hethersett due to the poor changing rooms. The level of football can not improve due to players not wanting to come, but also if the team did win the league they can not get promoted due to not having suitable changing rooms.
    Having this building expansion and revamp would dramtically improve the area for not just football but for all sports and general leisure. The ability of having the meeting rooms would allow necessary income too.
    I cant see a negative to this application from any angle.

    1. Everyone who wants this built, obviously does not live in earshot of where it will be built.
      I don’t live anywhere near the proposed area, but i’m more than mindful that this will affect the wellbeing of all those people that do so.
      Functions will be constant. Noise levels will be unbearable. Inebriated people congregating in car park. Wow, what a great idea…not.

  6. My family use the memorial playing field extensively, for the park, football and the more recently added table tennis tables. The proposed pavilion would bring the facility up to the standard of most of the other regularly used playing fields in the area and provide a focal point for our rapidly expanding village.

  7. While the proposed pavilion will provide a much-needed improvement in facilities for local sports and the community, its planned location adjacent to residential properties will exacerbate the existing problems, such as noise, anti-social behaviour and vandalism. The building would be much better placed at the edge of the playing field, along Park Drive, where it will be easier to monitor and police, and its impact on local residents will be reduced.

    1. So you suggest by the homes of those at Park drive? I agree with you about the anti-social behaviour and constant noise. But the plan for this in such a built up residential area is ill informed, impractical and insensitive to all those homes that will no doubt be affected.

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